How strange we have become

As an avid observer of the surronding world and a keen reader of history I find the world today very funny and interesting.

My mother and father who grew up in post WW2 Finland have told me stories about the hardships growing up, as food was scarce and as my grandmother was a widow, she had to send my mom and her sisters out to beg for food at neighbouring farms, a very humiliating ordeal for finnish people to do. Two of my grandmothers children died before the age of three, she still had seven kids to support by herself. My mom got farmed out at the age of fourteen to serv a rich family as a maid to easen the burden on my grandmother. My father grew up living with a violent father, a war veteran with severe post traumatic stress syndrome. I heard all the stories and kept thinking how lucky I am growing up without going to bed hungry or fear of violence.

It is fascinating how fast people can degenerate into decadence and sloth. Our forefathers only a generation ago were stoics and faced hardships simply by accepting them as part of life. Nowadays, our generation would freak out if we lost internet connectivity on the latest iGadget and most young men couldnt stand their ground in a fight.I do not wish to have a war in Europe today, however I am amazed how fast we forget what we used to be and what we used to be forced to do.  I keep thinking what we could do today if facing some though times.

The black and white pictures are all WW2 pics of Finnish soldiers and finnish female volunteers.

Feminized and pussified, and totally cut off from the links of history.

hipster bitch


the future

or ready to kick ass?

finns at war

finns at war 2

Well…. our women are not doing much better.

oh no!

finnish lotta


finnish lotta 2

How strange we have become…

Remains of a Finnish soldier killed during the Winter War



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