What is a flesh monkey?

A flesh monkey is according to the urban dictionary a derogatory term for the living dead.

Flesh Monkey
Like Deco, it’s used as a racial slur towards the living dead. It is sometimes considered as more derogatory than the term Deco, but is often a lot more common in most undead situations.

Flesh monkeys are everywhere around us I would dare to state that a majority of this worlds “human” inhabitants are in fact flesh monkeys.

So how do you define a flesh monkey?

Ok…first of all flesh monkeys can actually look like us, but they roam the world like they do not have souls. They are completely controlled by their ego and basic materialistic and carnal desires. Flesh monkeys do not have depth, everything is just surface to them, they lack the ability to see beyond their most recent iGadget, latest moronic tv-show, facebook update, etc. Flesh monkeys define themselves on materialistic merit alone, they also compete in their flock to have the best furnished hut, welldressed offspring and perfect holidays at 5 star resorts in third world countries to boost their egos. A flesh monkey fills their empty black holes they call lives with all kinds of distractions and drugs and alcohol to endure until the day they die.

Where can you spot a flesh monkey?

They can easily be spotted at malls, workplaces, at schools and every strata of society. Like I said most people around you is likely to be a flesh monkey. You probably have flesh monkeys in your own family!

Are flesh monkeys dangerous?

For most parts research has shown that flesh monkeys are harmless. Flesh monkeys in power with outrageously sized egos can sometimes when leading a nation or a corporation make decisions that hurts millions for the sole purpose of either money or satisfying their egos. There is no regard for long-term consequences for flesh monkeys, its all…”now-now-me-me” (a sound very familiar to tree living monkeys), for them. Flesh monkeys that are on the bottom rung of their flock can sometimes hurt people and other flesh monkeys to get money to buy useless tokens, which in return will give them a higher status among their pierce.
There is one case when flesh monkeys can be extremely dangerous, and that is when they get in to a frenzy, usually this happens when they are in greater groups and they are about to satisfy their never ending materialistic hunger. This can happen every once in a while but on one day a year the flock of flesh monkey americanus do this in an almost ritualistic manner. And that day is called black Friday.

Behold the rage of flesh monkeys!



flesh monkey 1


flesh monkey 3


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